Friday, October 06, 2006

A Sad Day for Indy Sports

First we receive news late yesterday afternoon that Corey Simon is out for the season. This is a huge blow to the Colts defense and will definitely be a problem later this year. We need a miracle to stop any running game these days, and the closest thing we had to a miracle is now done. We're back to hoping Peyton and the offense can just outscore everyone else. As if that wasn't bad enough news...

Four Pacers were at a strip club late last night when a fight broke out and shots were fired. Without being told which Pacers were involved, I'm sure anyone could guess at least two of them. Definitely one of them. Yeah, it was Stephen Jackson who fired the gun. They found drugs in one of the cars and three of the four Pacers had guns with them.

Before we get to saying how stupid these guys are, because they are stupid, we must realize that Jackson was hit in the face, then run over by a car before shooting his gun. It's not illegal to carry a gun and those who had them also had permits. If I was being run over by a car, I'd probably get my gun and shoot it too. It also isn't illegal to be at a strip club, or to be out late at night. So really, I can't get too upset at this.

The frustrating thing is that the Pacers are trying to win back fans and return to an image that was presentable to children. Going to strip clubs late at night can't possibly be a good way to restore that image. Forget everything else that happened. If you're trying to win back a fan base and lose the "thug" reputation, why even stay out past midnight? Is it that hard? I would be spending my evenings at hospitals and orphanages. Then go to bed by like 11:00. These men need to grow up.

I'm tired of it.

"We’ve got to make smart decisions on the court and off the court. We’ve got to be smarter as far as leading the young guys and watching what we do." -Stephen Jackson of the Indiana Pacers

Then on top of everything, I read this article in the Star about how IPS sucks at football. Gosh dangit, I may have hated going to IPS, but I used to take pride in our sports programs. Actually, I used to take pride in Washington's sports programs. Then they shut us down. Bastards.

So, IPS pretty much sucks at everything. Can't see any reason to send kids there, other than the price.

PS- Isn't orphanages a funny looking word?

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Anonymous said...

HEY BRO! THANKS for the plug and the link, I REALLY appreciate it!

What I didn't say (yet) in my blog is that I don't completely blame the Pacers for their action, etc... They were in THE GHETTO. I work on West 38th St. and THANK GOD I've got good security - and they often tell me all the crap that is going on each night - and I'm trying my best to no longer work on that side of town. With that said, I don't fault them for carrying firearms. Let's be honest: They are in the spotlight. Movie Stars have bodyguards who are strapped to the teeth following them around. If a basketball player wants to go out to a strip club - he shouldn't have to bring an entourage, to have a good time with his friends. And when you're got "morons" (as I've been calling them) who are just looking to start some "crap" with a celebrity, it BLOWS MY MIND - and I understand why they carry guns.

Now, another thing, NO ONE has said WHERE Jack fired his gun. He might have shot it straight up in the air to scare them away - I don't know - but it's possible. If it was me, I would have fired directly at them - THEY TRIED TO RUN HIM OVER WITH A CAR!!! Self-defense, in my opinion.

I liked reading your opinions on the situation. It's sad when things like this happen - and it makes me wonder if it happens in other cities. I know a lot of rappers in Detroit have to worry about which bars they go in to, but is it the same if Rasheed Wallace and Chauncy Billups want to go into a strip club? Lots to think about.

Thanks again for the "pimpin'"!!!

Shane M. White.

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