Monday, October 30, 2006

Inspirational Weekend

Those of you who read this blog frequently have probably noticed a recurring theme of mine. No, not the off-color and immature remarks on male behavior. I'm talking about my discontentment with my work and what I want to do with my life. So this weekend it was nice to get out and see a few people who seem to be doing what they love and are making a living at the same time.

Friday night I got to see Mat Kearney play at The Music Mill (which is a great venue, by the way). He put on a good show, nothing spectacular. I would've like to hear more of just he and the piano, but that's just me.

Seeing him play made me want to go start up a band and tour around the country doing concerts. This frequently happens with me when I see someone doing what they love and getting paid for it. For example, if I hear about some web-IT-type guy who's making a living working for some software company and loves it, then I want to go out and be a technology guru. Or if I hear about a train conductor who loves running trains, then I want to do that too. Or a guy who makes a Million Dollar Webpage. But who doesn't want that?

As a side note, it amazes me how many people pay good money to go see a concert, then spend the whole time just talking. Half the people there didn't even pay attention to the show. Crazy. I hate watching a large room full of desperate singles size each other up like pieces of meat. Especially when many of the men look twice my age. Anyways...

Then Saturday was my mom's birthday, who finally turned 35 (*cough*). To celebrate, we went to Bertolini's (best calamari I've had in a long time) and then to the symphony. That was awesome and I couldn't believe how talented the young South Korean pianist was. Her hands just floated over the keys and somehow hit all the right notes. Of course that made me want to go become a concert pianist.

Sunday was church, which made me want to go be a better Christian. Fr.D. told the story of the Atheist Barber. Interestingly enough, when I tried to find the story online, the first site I found was from an atheist. So here's his site, including the story and what he thinks of it.

Then we watched the Colts game, which was very entertaining, but doesn't exactly instill confidence in Colts fans. Good to get another win though. And that made me want to be Peyton Manning.

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Jonathan said...

Wow, Art. I checked out that atheist's website. He seems like an incredibly angry person. I asked where Fr. D got the story. He told me he heard it from his barber. Funny.