Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dog Whisperer: Changing America, One Bitch at a Time

If you haven't seen the Dog Whisperer, you're missing an amazing show. It's like a cross between the Crocodile Hunter and Nanny 911. Only for dogs.

When man's best friend goes bad, Cesar Millan comes to the rescue. He visits with the owners of disruptive dogs and helps explain what needs to change. It's always the humans who end up getting trained and it's one of the most entertaining shows I've seen in a long time.

The episode we watched last night had a lady who loved pink. If I remember right, her exact words were, "Pink is my passion." I never knew a color could be a passion, but if it's possible, this woman does it. Needless to say, she has successfully dyed her dog pink. Poor pup. You can view part of it here. (sorry about the commercial)

The other awesome one had this dog who just got pampered all the time. The owner would carry him wherever she wanted him to go. It got to the point where he wouldn't move unless she tricked him into thinking he was going to visit a friend. They have this hilarious shot of her literally dragging him around by the leash, and he just lays there. It looks so funny and I can't find a clip of it. You'll just have to watch the episode.

Anyways, it's a great program and I suggest you watch it sometime. Cesar is amazing with dogs. It's so sweet. It's funny how every owner's biggest problem is humanizing the dog. We always think of them as humans and part of the family and they just don't respond to that. So he explains how to be a pack leader and talk to a dog on its own terms. Simple, yet genius. Here's a clip of the preview for the upcoming season. That's the pink lady.


Joshua said...

we were flipping through the channels on Monday and I saw part of this. Wow. Maybe we should get Jon a pink dog to go with all his pink shirts?

Arthur said...

Brilliant! I think he's more of a cat guy though. That would still work.

Joshua said...

I could see Jon with a pink cat. Nice!

Phil said...

I have to say that I was mesmerized by watching the clip. He had such a control over the dogs. I am not really afraid of dogs, but I definitely wouldn't put myself in a position where I could get bit. He's my hero! I wanna be an alpha male!