Monday, September 19, 2011

Guy on a Buffalo

*UPDATE* Episode 4 is out (thanks Possum Posse for stopping by to comment)! I'll just keep adding them to the bottom of this post as more episodes come out.

So I was meandering through the internet and came across this video:

I thought it was hilarious. Well it turns out the footage is actually from a real movie that came out in 1978: Buffalo Rider. So then I found the original trailer to Buffalo Rider.

Well things got even better, because Buffalo Rider is now part of the public domain, and you can enjoy this amazing movie in its entirety, absolutely free!

Anyways, the point of this post is for you to watch the Guy on a Buffalo clip, cause it's hilarious. Looks like it's Episode 1, so we can only hope that there's plenty more Guy on a Buffalo to come.

Also, it's genius, because first the guy came up with his own theme song for Buffalo Rider. Then he took clips from the movie and turned the song into a literal version. That's just brilliant.

As an update, I found out that the genius creator behind Guy on a Buffalo is Jomo Edwards of the band The Possum Posse. Be sure to go over to their site and send them some love, cause this stuff is hilarious.

Episode 2 (Orphans, Cougars & What Not)

I think I like Episode 1 better than Episode 2, but this one doesn't disappoint. I still haven't watched the whole movie, and it's way more entertaining this way. Can't wait for the next one!

Episode 3: Finale Part 1 (Origins, Villains & The Like)

So episode 3 just came out, and to everyone's horror, it's titled "Finale." The good news is that it's only part one of the finale. Hopefully there are 20 parts.

Episode 4: Finale Part 2 (Rehab, Vengeance & What Have You)

Well, sadly the day has come. It appears this will be the final episode. It was a good run. Thanks for all the memories Guy on a Buffalo!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best Piano Covers of All Time

So this post is basically a place for me to house my favorite piano covers. I'll be updating this post as I find them. Perhaps you'll enjoy a few as well. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear from you.

Jonathan Wey (aka: JWey or "The Tickler") - NFL Medley
This is one of my favorite piano covers ever. Unfortunately, it's not the greatest video of the song, because there's lots of background noise and drunken Colts fans. There's a good chance our performer may also be slightly intoxicated. It's also an unfinished piece, so hopefully someday The Tickler will take the time to finish the song, and then do a proper recording.

This medley is a genius blend of all the major NFL themes from various networks throughout the history of the NFL. JWey is a composition master who should really have all of his various off-the-cuff medleys recorded somewhere for all of us to enjoy. For now, this clip will have to do.

Viktoriya Yermolyeva (aka: Vika) - Master of Puppets in Zurich
Vika is a beast of a pianist. She's a classically trained Ukranian who decided to bless us all with tons of sweet cover songs. She covers all kinds of music; from metal to rock to alternative, etc. Her phrasing is seriously amazing. That last sentence is a nice rhyme, but I have no idea what it means.

It was a tough job, but I picked out a favorite to share. Hopefully it will inspire you to check out her other cover songs, because they are probably the best on Youtube. Here's a link to her channel: vkgoeswild. My favorite Vika cover song is Master of Puppets, and she played it on a grand piano in Zurich.

The Blindfolded Pianist - Super Mario Medley

I first saw this video 8 years ago on eBaum's World. At the time, Youtube did not exist and watching homemade videos online was new and exciting stuff (see here). This video amazed me. Eight years later, I'm still amazed. It's a long clip, so if you don't have time, skip to 9:14 and watch his left hand move like a freaking hummingbird.

Stewart Bozarth (aka: stewboz83) - Baba O'Riley
This is probably my current favorite piano cover. Mostly because it's such a great song to begin with. It's not as technically impressive as Vika or the Blindfolded Pianist, and the vocals are kind of a letdown, but I absolutely love this cover.

Friday, September 09, 2011

World's Largest and Smallest Stop-Animation Shorts

Just a couple of fun stop-animation videos. If you're interested, be sure to take the time to watch the making of videos for both. Good stuff.


Dot. The Making Of.


Gulp. The Making Of.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Normal Guy, Normal Walk: Going to the Store


I think my favorite is the walk he uses going into the parking garage.