Monday, October 16, 2006

Dan and Emily Got Hitched!

This weekend was simply, "The Weekend of Dan and Emily."

Friday night we had the bachelor party and timios in my garage. It was a great time. We started off with a timios, which is where a group of men gather to offer wisdom and advice to the soon-to-be married bachelor. Each time you say something, you’re supposed to donate some money as well. So, at least Dan got some money, since there probably wasn’t much wisdom within our group.

It was nice to see some of the older men show up too. Pops was there, which always cracks me up. There were two highlights for me that night:

1) When my dad went outside to relieve himself in our yard, my blind female renter had taken her “seeing-eye dog” (is that what it’s called?) out to do the same. She ran up to my dad and started smelling around him and jumping around getting excited.* My dad tried to stay quiet, but finally had to reveal himself. Poor guy.

2) When Brian tried to drop kick the inflatable phallic “ring-toss pole" and slipped. He connected, the “pole” exploded and sent sand flying everywhere, and Brian fell backwards to the floor. Very Charlie Brown-esque.

We ended the night with some beer pong and hopefully Dan had a good time.

Most of Saturday was spent recovering from Friday night. Then we had the rehearsal dinner. Good food and good times there. After that was a few epic games of Monopoly. We played with six players for the first time and it was pretty fun. Not surprisingly, I won the first game. Unfortunately, Ike barely won the second game and will return to Alaska with that honor. Dangit.

Sunday was the wedding and it was beautiful as most Orthodox weddings are. I wish I had pictures, but I don’t. Weddings are definitely more enjoyable after you’ve already had your own. Brings back good memories.

So anyways, congratulations to Dan and Emily, God grant them many years and as was so eloquently stated on many occasions during the timios: “Good Luck.”

*Yes, I was talking about the dog. Idiot.


lemming said...

Yet sometimes the wisest statements are the least informed. (mouths of babes and all that)

Then again, money can make up for a lot of stupidity...

Anonymous said...

when did people decide that this last past weekend was the official wedding weekend? my boyfriend was in not one, but TWO weddings - one on saturday in illinois and one here.