Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Improv Everywhere Update

In case you don't check it on a regular basis, the folks over at Improv Everywhere have a couple new missions up.

I like the "Rob" won, although they didn't get to video tape much of it. They have a guy at a Yankees game pretend he can't remember where his seat is. So all his buddies start yelling his name, and soon it catches on to their whole section. They've got all these random fans yelling for their friend Rob. It's funny how fast the mob mentality kicks in on stuff like that. Anyways, it's pretty funny. What a great idea.

I'm still waiting for someone to start up an Indianapolis chapter. Too lazy to do it myself.

And we still need a videotaped "whoah game" outing. For those of you who know what I mean.

Improv Everywhere Missions

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