Monday, October 23, 2006

ABBA: The Gift that Just Keeps Giving

I'm not a huge ABBA fan. Not a fan at all really. I enjoy their music as much as the next guy, and I didn't really mind when my cubemate here at work decided that our entire office would enjoy listening to two solid hours of ABBA.

So we've been listening for a while now, and I only know one song. The greatest part of the day was when Chuck popped his head up out of his cube and said, "This just makes me want to be a young Swedish girl."

Bless you Chuck. You sweet man, you.


Luke Seraphim said...

Dude, that made my day. That's hilarious! Blessed is Chuck indeed!

Arthur said...

Yeah, I think you'd be a huge Chuck fan Luke. I've renamed this month "Chucktober," in honor of him.

Jason266 said...

Doesn't everybody want to be a young Swedish girl?