Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MySpam #5: Foreign Spam

I started receiving lots of foreign spam mail after I did a post on this blog with foreign words in it. (You can read that one here) I'm convinced that some foreign sites are searching blogs and finding emails and spamming them. I am also intrigued by google hits and who visits this blog and why. So in an attempt to attract strange visitors from foreign lands and to see if I can receive even more foreign spam mail, I am going to post what was sent to my inbox.

I apologize if this content is graphic or disturbing. I have no idea what it says. I just want to see if I start getting visits from Cambodia or something. So, here it is, MySpam #5:



其の1~ コミュニティサイトへの参加!


其の2~ 手軽にメル友作りから始めよう!


其の3~ 写メのコツをつかめ!


其の4~ ファーストメールで気を引け!


其の5~ メールでデートに誘う!



If anyone knows what this says, feel free to enlighten me. It must be very important, what with all the exclamation points. It's a bit unnerving to see a music note and the words, "Get UP!" hidden in the message. Oh well. I also think the English language would be more fun if everyone used symbols instead of nouns.

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Arthur said...

Success! I've already got my first visit from Damansara. That's a city in Malaysia. Awesome!

Brian said...

I do see the musical note and the "Get Up", but the rest is just boxes. Does anyone know what language it is?

Arthur said...

Dangit dude, it could be anything. If they're throwing English in there, they could be mixing everything up. We have to find the language that uses a music note. I wonder how they pronounce that.

Anonymous said...

you're getting more foreign hits because most computers in japan default to google.co.jp (for example). their computers' default is to look for japanese sites rather than english.

it makes sense when you think about it.

by the way, it seems like an ad for a dating service or something along those lines.