Monday, November 20, 2006

The Colts Finally Lose. Dangit.

Well, I'm upset about the Colts losing yesterday. Actually, I'm not upset that they lost, I'm upset with how they lost the game. I won't spend a lot of time talking about this, because there are tons of people who know a lot more than me who can break it all down for you. But the main reason I'm upset is because when our offense needed to go down and make a score (or at least get a first down), we couldn't. Then when our defense needed to make a stand, we didn't. That's bad news come playoff time. Granted, we've done it just about every other time this season, but it's frustrating that they couldn't pull through yesterday. Oh well, life goes on. Hopefully they'll improve and be ready come playoff time.

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The Tickler said...

A few thoughts here, even though I wasn't able to watch the game. Yes, a loss is a loss and certainly no fun, especially when it doesn't happen very often. But...if I had to choose *one* game of the season for us to lose (and we'll probably lose more) I would definitely have chosen this one. 1)It's an NFC team and doesn't affect us too much at the end of the year in the AFC standings. 2)It's an away game; hopefully, we can win out our remaining home games this season and be confident enough to protect home-field advantage in the playoffs. 3)We had to lose eventually, and I prefer sooner rather than later. This will also take away that pressure of going 16-0, which doesn't matter compared to success in the playoffs.

Hopefully, this loss will not only humble us a little bit, but also help us to focus better on the things we need to improve on (e.g. not coughing up the ball, better execution on offense and continual improvement on defense and special teams). Overall, I'm not too upset about this loss, and I think our defense is getting gradually better and it will be much better when Bob Sanders can play again. From looking at the highlights it seemed like we were playing fairly well, but failed to execute on offense in the red zone; and of course we turned the ball over way too much. Then there was that very questionable no-call on the pass interference of D. Clark that resulted in the interception. We definitely should have challenged that.

Anyway, we lost. Dallas ultimately outplayed us and I think they're going to do some damage in the playoffs.

Of course none of this talk about the Colts really matters if we don't go to the Super Bowl. Hopefully a loss to Dallas puts things into a more realistic perspective, increases our desire to win, and points out more clearly the things we need to fix to go all the way this year.