Thursday, November 30, 2006

ABC's and XYZ.

I can't remember the day I first learned my ABC's. I'm sure it was through that wonderful little tune that was stolen from "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Actually, I don't know which one came first. Kind of like rap songs (and others) these days. They steal from old good stuff and soon people don't even realize that they didn't invent it in the first place. As if Vanilla Ice could really come up with that bass line.

Anyways, I do remember the first time I learned about the XYZ's. I was in second grade and some random girl came up to me and said, "XYZ!" She then ran off to a group of other girls and they all started laughing. After a while I saw that they were pointing at my crotch. "XYZ?" I thought to myself. "eXamine Your Zipper!" Someone yelled. Sure enough, there was a gaping hole in my jean shorts, revealing the Scooby Doo undies hidden underneath. It was embarrassing enough that I can still remember the moment to this day.

Unfortunately, to my great surprise, it was not mortifying enough to leave a lasting impression. This morning, after having gone through a meeting, playing three games of ping pong, and having numerous conversations, I looked down into my lap and realized that I had indeed forgotten to "XYZ." Or "XMZ" as the case would be. I have no idea if anyone else noticed, because luckily enough, most of my co-workers have maturity beyond that of a second grader.

I however, do not. That is why you are reading about it here. The question of the day is, would you tell someone to "XYZ" if you noticed? It's one thing to point out food in someone's teeth, this is something totally different.

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Phil said...

Of course I would Art! In fact, if it were you, I would probably zip it up for you. Hopefully nothing is hanging out at the time though. I have a pair of jeans that, because they are too big, naturally unzip themselves throughout the course of a day. So, I have learned to randomly check my zipper from time to time. It is a good habit to get into.