Friday, December 01, 2006

Weekend Update

It's Friday and I don't feel like working. I've decided to give you some fun things to check out for the weekend. We've got a bachelor party tonight, so that should be fun. Colts should have a tough game on Sunday. Christmas tree shopping tomorrow. Should be another good weekend.

Click for Cans: Campbell's is giving away soup for the needy. Please go here and vote for Indianapolis! We're currently winning in the "Most Improved" category, but it's a tight race with Cincinnati. If you're thinking of voting for a team other than Indy, click here and let me persuade you to change your vote.

W.B.'s: A couple friends add their love to cyber space. First, "C.M." has begun blogging, although not very regularly, at Weary Wednesdays. Also, Joel got engaged and started a site to document their love. True to his geeky roots. You can get more than you ever needed to know about he and his fiance at this site.

Chris Rock is a Prophet: Thanks to Mike for providing this link to a video that shows how Chris Rock predicted the O.J. Simpson tell-all book. That link will take you to his site which will take you to the video. Amazing.

Rab Photos: Rab put up a few pictures of the old school Naptown BBS.

Ben Folds Fake: New Mission at Improv Everywhere. They get invited to do some gags with Ben Folds.

Richard Simmons Exploding Steamer: YouTube video. Pretty dang funny. Simmons on the Letterman show with his own steamer. This site analyzes your personality based on what you draw. The questions they ask about your drawing when you're done are fairly limiting, but it's still interesting. They had me pegged. Here's my drawing:

Phone Spelling: Find out what your phone number can spell. I'm afraid to put what mine spelled, in case people want to be funny and try to prank me, but it was really funny. Now when people ask me what my phone number is, I can just have them memorize a simple and creative phrase. I've always thought anagrams are amazing. This site is the best one I've found. Anagrams are words or phrases that are formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. Like "dormitory" becomes "dirty room." Life in the Shadows = "faithless wind hoe" "faithless who dine" "fiendish owl hates" and "finished low he sat," among other things.

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