Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Colts New Strategy: Desperate Times...

Okay, we're all agreed that the Colts defense is absurd and needs a lot of help (Bob better not get hurt this week). I still believe we can win a couple road games to make it to the Super Bowl. But it's going to take some unconventional football strategy. Here's what I propose:

After every kickoff or punt, we let the opposing team run it all the way back to the thirty yard line (And Adam Vinateri is no longer allowed to tackle for our special teams--If their return man breaks it past the thirty, just let him score). We know that every team is going to eventually get to the thirty yard line, so let's go ahead and spot them that field position. Now we play to hold them to a field goal, or maybe get lucky with a turnover. At best, they can only run off like five minutes before they score, and now we're putting the ball back into our offense's hands.

Peyton & Co. have to score every time anyways, but at least now they'll be able to wear down an opponent's defense and hopefully we'll get a couple more touchdowns and hold them to a few field goals. Maybe everyone scores touchdowns and we can get the coin toss in overtime and win that way. At least now we're playing to our team's strengths, getting more snaps for Peyton, and we'll have the worst special teams in the league instead of the worst defense. I can live with that. Nobody ever says, "you can't win a Super Bowl without a top ten special teams."

The defense would only be giving up thirty yards per drive, which isn't that bad. I am convinced that this strategy is the best chance we've got. We could even take it a step further and go for an onside kick every time. This would serve the same purpose as the above mentioned strategy and also give us a chance to get another offensive possession.

In all honesty, I actually haven't given up on the Colts yet. I still believe they can win a Super Bowl. Unfortunately, I have no evidence to support this belief.

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