Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Marriott vs. Intercontinental: Indianapolis Skyline at Risk?

I received an email this morning from Christopher, who is a part of On the Cusp (local art blog). He is asking us to bring some attention to an upcoming decision that our trusty Mayor Bart Peterson must make. Indianapolis is backing a mega-hotel that will change the Indianapolis skyline. Mayor Peterson must choose between Marriott:

or Intercontinental Hotels:

To help make this decision, he assembled a seven member "hotel selection committee." Apparently, this committee has recommended the 25 story box: the Marriott.

Now, I am way too ignorant on this subject to have anything slightly resembling an intelligent opinion. However, in the blogosphere, everyone's opinion matters and on this blog, mine matters most. So, assuming the cost is the same for both, the politics involved aren't fraudulent, and millions of other considerations that I'm ignorant about are not relevant, I think this is a poor decision. I'd much rather see the more aesthetically pleasing Intercontinental Hotel in our skyline.

At any rate, you are free to make your own opinion and I will try to give you a few places to learn more about this, if you are interested. I'm not sure what can be done at this point to change Peterson's mind, but we should at least make an effort to be informed about how these kinds of projects are done.

Bloggers Chime In:
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IndyStar article: "2 competing plans to build a city-backed mega-hotel carry political overtones"

WISH-TV: One Business Unhappy with Pan Am Plaza Hotel Proposal

Voice your opinion and see what other Indianapolis residents are saying:
IndyStar message board

Contact the Mayor to give him a piece of your mind, or a humble suggestion:
I'm Mayor Peterson and I screwed up.

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