Monday, December 04, 2006

The Captain Was Here

Something special happened to a group of twenty-something males while they were out celebrating a bachelor's "last night." You could say it was an encounter with "the others;" those rare moments where we catch a glimpse of the supernatural. Many remain skeptical of such occurences, assuring themselves that these events only happen to imbred yokels who don't know the difference between a crop circle and a hole in the ground.

I myself was not much of a believer. I mean, I'd heard of people seeing ghosts and stuff like that, but I always figured there was some practical explanation for it. I've also seen visages of saints and the Virgin Mary appear on random objects. For instance, this grilled cheese sandwich sold for $28,000 on Ebay. I thought that looked pretty crazy, until I learned how easy it is to make toast with pictures in it.

Well, now I'm a true believer. Friday night, we were all enjoying a few drinks at a local club in Broad Ripple. A friend bought a beer and somebody happened to bump into him, spilling some of his ale onto his shirt. I know, this is a common occurence, which happens about five times on an average night. But there was nothing common about this spill.

As the beverage soaked into his shirt, a shape began to take form. We were amazed to see the exact likeness of none other than Captain Morgan. I really cannot explain how amazing it was. So since a picture is worth a thousand words, I give you, what has been rightfully dubbed, "The Revelation of Morgan:"


Terry said...

I myself have never had a libation that included Captain Morgan. I pretty much stick to dry reds, and a variety of good beers. But upon reading this post, I feel like the good Cap'n is trying to reach me, so I may search him out in the near future. Thanks to you, Arthur, for being a witness to his power.

Arthur said...

Ah, fear not. I believe that the good Cap'n will find you, my friend. Probably when you're least expecting it. I thought I saw him in a cloud just yesterday.