Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hollywood Bar & Filmworks Closes?!

Dangit! First Bob Barker retires and now this!

Hollywood Bar & Filmworks Closes


Phil said...

Good riddance! That place had been skiing downhill since they got new management and owners. The service was bad, the food was even worse, and you couldn't smoke. Not that most people mind that, but it was nice to light up a pipe in the back for the LOTR trilogy. Plus, they were also bringing in family movies to try and attract a different crowd. That really doesn't make any sense. Why would you want to bring your children to a theatre that calls itself a bar...okay I can see the upside to it. I would probably want to drink if I had to take children to a "Barney and Friends" picture. I will always remember it for what it used to be and try to block out the last year of its existance.

Brian said...

I predicted this a year ago. It has to be because of the smoking. Parking garage rates increasing my butt. That was the only theatre where you could go to smoke, and it especially applied since you can order alchohol there. Drinking makes people want to smoke. Plus you had to be over 18 to go to most shows. All I can say is "I told you so".