Monday, November 13, 2006

Crappy Weather, Colts and Akeelah

This weekend came and went, just like the nice warm weather we had last Friday. Now I'm cold and it's Monday and Indianapolis is looking dead and barren as winter approaches. Much like the feeling most Colts fans have as the playoffs loom ahead.

Anyways, Friday night was a good group and we talked about the difference between someone being possessed and someone just being mentally disturbed. The discussion made much more sense to me through the pumpkin ale induced lens that I had at the time. Now I'm getting a headache just trying to remember what we came up with. I know it was a good discussion though and I'm always thankful for our group.

I can't even remember what I did Saturday. I know I watched Thank You for Smoking, but that's about it. Sunday was church and the Colts game, which I really enjoyed, even though it was a close game. I'm getting tired of people saying how much the Colts run defense sucks. This is because we don't have a run defense, and we never claimed to have a run defense. Our defense is built a certain way, because our money is in our offense. It's working out great so far, so quit griping about it. We're not a defensive team. Get used to it.

Also, I know Addai is much better than Rhodes. So do the people who get paid to know that. They also get paid to know that every hit Rhodes takes is going to mean Addai is that much more fresh come December and January when we really need him to take some carries. Rhodes is doing fine and serving his purpose for right now. He just needs to not fumble ever again.

Okay, sorry for all of that. Thanksgiving dinner at church Sunday night, which was a good time as well. Then we watched Akeelah and the Bee, which I enjoyed way more than a grown man should.

Ovearll, a good weekend. Life's just flying by these days. Oh and Jon's having a boy! That's pretty scary, but exciting and awesome. Congrats to he and the wife!


Anonymous said...

You're totally right about everything you've said about the Colts. And if anyone wants to argue about our defense, I'll post them to THIS BLOG which does an amazing job explaining the Cover 2.

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