Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rob Huge Banks and Get Away With It? Count me in!

Before I get to the subject of today's post, I need to give a little background knowledge. I get annoyed at things fairly easily, but pride myself on being able to control these emotions and not let them take over my life. For example, we recently took a trip to the dunes (see it here) and I was annoyed at having sand all over me. I decided that instead of being irritated and uncomfortable, I would just convince myself that I liked the feeling of sand on my skin. Strangely enough, it worked.

So the past few days, weeks, months I've been getting a buttload of spam in my inbox. It's really not a big deal at all, but it can get fairly annoying. So I decided to find ways to actually look forward to getting spam. And it seems to be working. I've found some hilarious things that keep popping up and it's truly entertaining. I'm sure you've all got the email from Hajib Abijou in Africa who needs you to transport money and will give you millions for helping him do it. Well today I found a new email that I couldn't resist.

The subject line was "Bank Robbing," and it was from This caught my eye, so I opened up the message. The message contained phrases like, "Here is how I rob large banks" and "NOW ANYONE CAN ROB A BANK AND GET AWAY WITH IT!" and "Get my secret report here and get started immediately!" Each phrase was followed by a url that was similar to this:


I had visions of great master plans complete with blueprints and bank vault layouts. Then maybe taking out security guards with blowdarts and hypnotizing the witnesses. Of course I had to click on the link like a moron and see what this great plan was. Luckily it wasn't some porn site. It was actually a guy trying to sell a bank stealing scheme, but it had to do with mortgages and real estate. Needless to say, I was disappointed. But at least it provided some entertainment and a blog post instead of just annoying the crap out of me.


Phil said...

I did find this post mildly amusing, but I really wish that you hadn't posted it twice. I really wish that you hadn't posted it twice. It took me until the last sentence to realize that I had already read this. It took me until the last sentence to realize that I had already read this. Talk about annoying...Talk about's the serenity...

Arthur said...

Well Phil, I'm glad you found a creative way to use what annoyed you as a form of entertainment. I can see you are paying attention. You going to start your own blog anytime soon so I can spam up your comment section? Talk about annoying. Tell him he's dreamin.