Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Indianapolis Colts Choose a Mascot

If you didn’t already know, the Indianapolis Colts have chosen a mascot and revealed his new name. The mascot is a fluffly, friendly-looking colt. His name?

Blue. Blue the mascot. Actually, I don’t even know if it’s a he. Blue looks like a blue Elmo with a hippo’s mouth. His intimidation abilities are along the same lines as a Chucky Cheese band member. Good thing the Colts don’t already have the image of being a “soft” team. Oh wait.

I’m not sure exactly what I would be looking for in an NFL mascot, but I can tell you that Blue is not it. Maybe we should’ve had a huge horseshoe. His name could be Lucky. Lucky would already have his arms in position to signal touchdowns and field goals. When the other team scored, he could do a headstand which would make him look like a frowny face. Hunter Smith could use Lucky to work on his PAT attempts. Okay, maybe finding a good mascot is harder than I thought. I dare you to try to do better.

As it stands, we’re stuck with Blue. Guess I better start getting used to him. The only positive I can find in this moniker is that hundreds of drunken Colts fans will have a damn good reason to sporadically yell, “You’re my boy, Blue!”

Read IndyStar's columnist Bob Kravitz's opinion on Blue here.

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