Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where's George?

I meant to blog about this awhile ago and just forgot. Whilst I was camping two weeks ago, I had to buy a bit of firewood. The wood was $4 for a bundle and I paid with a five dollar bill. Upon receiving my dollar in change, I noticed some strange markings on the front of the bill. Upon further inspection, these words had been stamped near George Washington's head:

Enter Serial # To See Where This Bill Has Been.

I was excited to get back home and find out exactly where George had been. Now I finally know. The website is a pretty fun idea. You just type in your zip code and you get to see where the bill has traveled and when. My particular George started in Arizona on July 17, 2005. It was in Bloomington, Indiana on August 2, 2005. Then a year later it was in my hands. I imagine he has been plenty of other places, but nobody entered him into the site.

I wish the site had a way to confirm the zip code (through IP address or something) to make sure that nobody cheats. I'm going to try to make a point to spend George when I'm out of town. Just to make sure he travels properly. Maybe I'll give him to Ike to take to Alaska. He'd probably get stuck up there for a while.

The only bad thing about this whole experience is that I've become quite attached to my George. The thought of spending him hardly seems worth the dollar of merchandise that I would receive in return. Dangit. Good thing they didn't stamp it onto a twenty.

You can view where my George has been here

PS- Is "whilst" really a word? If it is, it must be the most underrated word in the english dictionary. We should all make a point to use it more often.


Kaj said...

Ooh...my ex-bf used to LOVE tracking bills like this. He even got a custom-made "Where's George?" stamp and everything. I never got quite as into it as he did, but every now and again I'll enter one on the website for curiosity's sake.

lemming said...

Oh, that is just so neat!!! I don't want my body tracked by the Internet, but a one dollar bill is very fun. Please do send it somewhere fun and out of state.