Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"I'm going to go back there Someday:" Nana's 90th and sunny Santa Barbara

Well, Nana turned 90 this past weekend. She’s my dad’s mom and lives in Santa Barbara. We went out there for her birthday and sort of a family reunion. Sucks that being with family is almost like being with strangers. But it was nice to get to know a few of them better.

Nana is going strong and seems to be ageless. She cracks me up. A funny little story about Nana: Back before I was dating my wife, she had called to talk to me while I was staying with my grandparents in SB. I wasn’t home, so Nana took a message for me. When I got home she said, “Some girl named Carl called for you.” It was my future wife Clara. Man, I have tons of stories about her, but anyways, she’s old and does funny things that old people do.

It was also nice to see my brother and his wife. I miss hanging with him and playing games and watching movies. We got to do some surfing, which is now one of my favorite things in the world. Even though I suck at it and have only done it twice. Everything was beautiful and fresh and clean. I miss the beach.

Which reminds me of something interesting I was thinking about while I was out there. As soon as we got off the plane, I started feeling how much I missed being out there. It was weird because I knew I liked it there, but I never really miss it. I think about things I like, but it’s not that feeling you get in your stomach when you really miss something. But I had that feeling while we were there. Almost the whole time. It’s weird because you would think I wouldn’t miss it until I left, but the opposite is the case. Now that I’m home, I don’t have that feeling anymore. I remember it and I can think of things I miss, but the feeling is gone. Why is that?

It’s the same way with old friends. You can think of good times from the past and know that you miss those times, but that real feeling of missing them doesn’t happen until you actually see them again and remember how much fun you have with them. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems to be the case. I get that feeling with summer camp too. Maybe it’s because when you visit a place that you miss, or friends, or whatever, you know it’s only temporary. The first time you were living it, you thought it might last forever. But now it’s just “visiting,” so you get all sentimental and don’t want it to end and stuff. Then you get that feeling of missing something. Then when you go home, you remember that feeling and realize that you miss it.

Anyways, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but most feelings don’t make sense. So I guess that does make sense. So that’s my deep thought for the week. I’ll post later about the state of air travel in America. Boy was that fun.

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