Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Life in the Shadows" Goes Global

I was just thinking about how awesome the internet is today. Everyone all connected and stuff. And I started thinking how crazy it is that someone from China could read my page if they wanted. Or France. Or Zimbabwe. You get the point. But then I thought, "Wait a minute, they probably don't speak English in Zimbabwe. What if a Zimbabwean came across my blog and just passed on by because he couldn't read English? That would be a shame." Then I started thinking about how there must be tons of people like the Zimbabweans who don't speak English. I know, it's a crazy thought. So I decided to do something about it.

From now on, Life in the Shadows will be available in multiple languages. First of all, since I live in the inner-city, I don't want to leave out all of my friends and neighbors who may not speak proper english. From this point forward, they can read:

"Life in Tha Shadows"

Next, since I live in America and have to "press 1" everytime I actually want to hear someone speak English, I figured this blog should be able to be read by America's official language: Español. Spanish is the coolest, because in Spanish my name becomes Arturo. That's about the coolest name you can have in Spanish. Without further ado, I give you:

"Vida en las Sombras"

Next, because everyone loves Japanimation and karate, and because symbols are way sweeter than letters and numbers, I bring you:


Next, since Italy, Germany and France are pretty much the same country, I give you:

"Vita nelle ombre"

" Leben in den Schatten"

" La vie dans les ombres"

Lastly, since Portuguese is Spanish and no real American can tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese, and since Jesus probably spoke something similar, I give you:

"الحياه في ظلا"

If anyone can find a Redneck translator, let me know. I have a feeling I could get a lot more readers with that. Well, I'm off to Cali. Back late Sunday. Go Colts!

PS- I looked it up, and the official language of Zimbabwe is English. Oh well.

To translate your own page, click here.


Arthur said...

I found the Redneck translator, but I'm not too impressed. It's just like the ghetto one, but "you" becomes "yew" and "think" is "recon." I guess that's funny.

lemming said...

Have you ever found the Babel Fish translator? (It's based upon the sci-fi ideas of the late great Douglas Adams.) It can translate any passage into any language you choose. Some of the more technologically sophisticated bloggers (i.e. not me) have links to it.

Hmmm - try, he had it for a while. It's a fun toy, but becomes addictive quickly.

Yours in the search for shoes