Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to me and "Man-Pong"

Gosh I feel old. I know “old’ is a relative term and I hate how coworkers are quick to remind me how young I am. Just because you’re 40, doesn’t make me any younger. Not that I’m depressed about it or anything, it’s just that feeling of being around for a while. Then I’m again reminded of all I wanted to do and haven’t done yet. That’s where it gets depressing. Although I did get married and buy a house within the last year, so that’s pretty good. Anyways, the wife and I are camping this weekend, so that should be fun.

Yesterday the fellas came over for some beer and ping pong. Jon and Tim were kind enough to entertain us with a round of “man-pong.” This is where the opponents face each other in a shirtless duel. The winner of each point gets to smack the ping-pong ball at the bare chest of the loser. It’s quite an entertaining game to watch. The marks left by each hit are particularly interesting. They look like ringworm. Anyways, that was fun. Thanks to the guys for making the bday a little more special. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a few drunk men hitting each other in the bare chest with ping pong balls. (Sniff…)

Man Pong is also a place in Burma.


scot said...

happy birthday arthur.

where did you cats camp? I need a good camping place before winter sets in.

Joel said...

Happy Birthday, yssuP! Wish I were there to participate in the ringworm festivities. God grant you many years, my friend.

Luke Seraphim said...

Wow, Man-Pong. I just watched a hilarious video of guys playing Man-Pong and it could've easily been Jon and Tim. Sorry I couldn't make it. Sounds like a great time! Happy birthday yssup!

Arthur said...

Scot- We went to McCormick's Creek. Click here for a list of things you need to know before camping.

Joel- Thanks, wish you were here too. I can't believe a guy who wrote "TTFN" on his blog is calling me a yssup.

Luke- Where is this Man-Pong video? I'd love to see it.