Saturday, September 02, 2006

Art Across Indianapolis: Culture Exposed, or Indecent Exposure?

The day started out innocently enough: the wife and I decided to head downtown for all of the RibFest festivities. We found a good parking spot and headed toward the canal. It was a beautiful day and all was well with the world.

Downtown Indy is a beautiful place. Tons of things to do, the skyline is nice, things are relatively clean, museums abound and it really is just a great place to be. This picture was taken at the beginning of our adventure, before things got a little too "hairy."

Then we wandered down the canal, listening to some country rock that could be heard throughout downtown, and enjoying the scenery. We came across these mammoths that I'm sure you've seen if you live in Indy. I decided it would be fun to take a picture of me and the mammoth:

I then began to take notice of the many other sculptures around the city and decided to take some pictures of them as well. This one was entitled, "Job."

Nothing wrong with that statue. Not even worth blogging about really. Ah, but it's always brightest just before the dark. Things got a little weird with the next statue we saw.

Three marching turtles? Okay, maybe that's not too bad. Cute more than anything, but the next sculpture blew my mind. I must warn you ahead of time that this sculpture may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Please refrain from viewing the rest of this post while at work, while your parents are watching (or your kids for that matter). If you live in Indy, I leave it up to you to find this sculpture. I was amazed.

No, they are not fighting. And yes, that little thing that looks like a stick is what you think it is. I couldn't believe it. Right here in downtown Indianapolis. I was shocked and could only laugh at the scene. There's only one sculpture that could top that one. And saying that it "topped" the previous sculpture is probably the wrong way to put it. Have you ever seen the moon rise in the middle of the day? If you haven't, you need to wear sunglasses. And by sunglasses I mean, close your eyes. This is your last warning. Oh, things got hairy indeed.

Frankly, I am appalled. So I'm left to wonder exactly who approved of these statues being placed where every man, woman and child can view them. They should get a stern talking to. Or a raise. I was also shocked to find how much junk is in my trunk. I'm sure I'll post about that later this week. It literally disgusted me.

In closing, I am offering a reward for the first person who can name where these statues are located. I'm not sure what the reward is yet, but that's mostly because I doubt anyone can find them all. If you can, I'll come up with something. Anyways, the next time you're wandering the streets of Indianapolis, keep your eyes open. You never know what you might find.


Luke Seraphim said...

Does it count if you live in Indy? I'm going to say...the first two are on the canal in downtown Indy - specifically, near the IMAX and the Indiana State Museum; the others are taken at Herron School of Art on the IUPUI campus, including my favorite, "Buck Sausage and Doe meet"...

Arthur said...

Dang you Luke! I mean, no it doesn't count if you live in Indy. Actually, I think you're wrong about where the turtles are at. You'll have to clarify.

Phil said...

You're right! It is appalling! To think that someone can just walk up and drop their pants in a public area without so much as a whistle...I mean those displays of Art. Have you been working out?

Joel said...

I just want to know why Clara is taking nude photos of her husband in public.. hmm.