Monday, September 25, 2006

Hookahs, Man Pong, Cell Phone Art and a Manning Naked Boot Leg

Last weekend was very eventful and fun for me. It started out, like most great weekends do, with a Friday night MEN'S Group meeting. It was great to have Ike back, even if temporarily. We did the usual reading through the week's scripture, doing some prayer, drinking some beer, and slapping the losers in a game of team "Ro Sham Bo." In honor of Ike's return, Luke brought over his hookah. If you've never smoked a hookah, it's definitely a treat. Friday night was no exception and we all enjoyed the gurgling goodness that Luke's hookah produced. Thanks Luke!

Later that night we indulged ourselves with some two player Man Pong. That is always a great time as well. The next day, my wife noticed the tell-tale signs of a Man Pong game on my chest and asked what they were. After convincing her that I didn't have a horrid case of ringworm, I then had to explain how I really got them. After about a half hour, I was able to convince her that I wasn't secretly gay. Good thing she didn't come outside around 12:30 Friday night to see a group of about eight half-naked men (including her husband) leaving the garage when the power went out. That would've been real hard to explain.

Saturday we had a little cookout for Ike, or maybe Allie. Heck, I don't know, but we had a cookout. At some point in the night, Rab had us creating these cool pictures with our cell phones. Hopefully he'll upload a few and I'll link you to them, but some were pretty sweet. He was using a slow shutter speed and we would try to create stuff using light. Anyways, you'll have to see if he gets the pics up. Thanks to Ike for some great deer meat as well.

The highlight of the day on Sunday was watching Peyton Manning run a naked bootleg to trot into the endzone. What a great call. Tough game, good win for the Colts. Thanks to the WeyCoolDeen house for having us over for the game. It was a lot of fun, and I'm just glad the Colts won.

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