Thursday, August 31, 2006

SandScruff: Buried Alive at Warren Dunes

Last weekend was our annual trip to Warren Dunes. The weather was pretty crappy, but we still had an awesome time. I got hit in the face with a football (thanks Biscuit!), we ate cold brats (it rained on our fire before we finished cooking them), and it might have been colder outside of the water. Yep, it was great.

The funnest thing we did (at least for me) was digging holes. After digging in the sand for like a foot, we would strike water. Then we could build these little caverns and try to connect them all under the sand. Then they collapsed and we were left with a huge hole. Naturally, we put Scruff in the hole and buried him. This was the highlight of the trip.

When he was buried up to his head, we built a body around him. It was actually kind of freaky. Here's what he looked like:

He looks like some creature that's being born of the earth. Very Uruk-kai-ish. You know, those orc-types from Lord of the Rings.

Then we did a mock of that picture that floats around in emails where the kid is looking for his head. That's my red hindend.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a video camera, because the next thing we did was hilarious. We put a towel over his head so it looked like a ball under a towel or something. Then he would start moving his head around, so it looked alive. Man, it was hilarious. But the last thing that happened was pretty funny too. Some strangers passed by and wanted to get a picture with the head. It looked so funny, that I took a picture too:

The funniest thing was that the guy just grabbed Scruff's head like that was no big deal. Scruff couldn't do anything about it and we just laughed.

It was a great weekend as always. I'm looking forward to next year and digging more holes.


Joel said...

*sigh* The first one I've missed since I lived in Chicago. Looks like y'all had fun. Wish I could have been there!

Arthur said...

Yeah, wish you were there too. We didn't have the waves like last year, but we always manage to find ways to make our own fun. Anyways, wish you were here. Later man.

Joshua said...

Nice! When you said that you burried Scruff, I thought it was head in the sand - you know - like an ostrich.

Arthur said...

Whoah! You're right Rab! By burying everything but his head, we made Ostrich an anti-ostrich. What a paradox!