Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What you crave

This morning I am being reminded why I only eat White Castle once every 6 months or so. I had “the crave” yesterday and there was no stopping it. It really did taste good, but now I’m paying the price. My stomach has been rumbling all morning and every time I let some gas out, I’m rolling the dice. I hate not knowing what’s going to come out until it’s too late. And since when did they start advertising their burgers as “Sliders?” That’s definitely a negative term that was invented to make fun of them. Now I see them using it in their commercials. And it's funny how eating a White Castle burger is the exact same experience as committing sin, or less specifically, doing something you know is stupid. Before you do it, you can think of nothing else and even though you have some faint memory of knowing it is wrong, you are able to find a million ways to justify doing it again. Then it's great while you're eating it and you feel pretty good. But the second you're done eating, you get that sick feeling of, "What did I just do?" Then it's nothing but regret until enough time passes that you forget what was so terrible about it in the first place. Anyways.

Yesterday church was very restorative for me. (how's that for segue?) The prayers were beautiful and I found it easy to pay attention. I hate being distracted by my own thoughts during church, and thankfully I didn’t have that problem yesterday.

Then we went to rent a movie and get some meat. Then I made my dining decision. We rented the movie “V for Vendetta.” Overall, it was a decent movie. Not near as good as its inspiration: The Count of Monte Cristo (at least the book, the movie wasn't all that great). But I enjoyed it. One thing that stood out was the excessive use of the word, “bollocks.” It was like the Wachowski brothers knew one British word and decided to use it whenever they wanted to remind us that we were in England. Ridiculous, but not bad enough to ruin the movie. So that was my evening.

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