Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer Nights

Another weekend come and gone. We finally got the piano moved into our house, which is really nice. It’s so much easier to practice when you can do it for little 10 minute intervals instead of having to plan an hour session. It’s freaking loud in our little house though.

Friday night we tried to get the Men’s Group going again. Third year anniversary last Friday. It was a fun night, although we never did get into a structured group. We saw pictures of camps present and past and drank some fine brew (thanks Luke!) and as often happens when a group of men get together and drink, we ended the night by beating each other. Classic games of Rock, Paper, Scissors complete with thwacks for the losing party. We even organized ourselves into teams. It was a great time.

Saturday was a fairly relaxing day. The wife and I went to a wedding. She knew the bride from when she used to work at Nordstrom’s. It was a stark contrast to our wedding, but I enjoyed it. Hard to get used to hearing Radiohead as the guests leave and watching a power point presentation in the middle of the ceremony. To each his own I guess.

That night as we were heading in, we saw the moon rising behind our house. My wife let me grab the camera and we headed out to take a few pictures. I haven’t uploaded them all, but this on is my favorite.

There are a few more up at The Rainbow Connection. (by the way, if anyone knows any good sites that gives free lessons on taking better digital pictures and such, please let me know) It was a beautiful night and I wish I could remember to take more time to just go out and find a nice spot to enjoy an evening. I really enjoy doing stuff and forget to just relax every once in a while.

Then Sunday was spent mostly with family, doing a bit of yard work, playing washers, and watching a movie with Mom. It was a great, classic summer weekend.

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