Friday, August 18, 2006

Save the right template!

Holy Shat! Man, I'm ticked right now. I've spent forever trying to rebuild my template. I was messing around with stuff and thought I had saved a backup copy, but it was a backup of the wrong blog. So when I screwed up and tried to start over, I had the wrong template. So I just finished and I think it's all back to normal. If you find anything odd (browse through the archives if you have time), please let me know. I'd really appreciate it. I thnk I also might consider just getting my own website. If you have any thoughts/suggestions, that'd be great.

On a different note, our good friend Joel is back to blogging. He moved to Texas and will be updating us on his adventures. Be sure to check him out at I'm also adding him to the blogs on the sidebar for future reference.

Joel's Blog

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Joel said...

Laud to thee for the publicity. You have rightfully earned yourself an honored spot on my blog. Carry on.