Monday, August 28, 2006

Interstate Driving: Crazy Michigan Drivers

We just took a trip to Warren Dunes this weekend and it was a lot of fun. I'll be sure to hit up all the highlights in a later post (after I upload a few pics). For now, there's just one thing I want to talk about.

We took I-65 up toward Chicago and then 94 E into Michigan. I've noticed before that Michigan drivers seem to be a bit more aggressive than those in Indiana, but nothing too reckless. And it's probably just a few crazy drivers and not the whole state. Most of the drivers in my neighborhood have their license revoked and rely on gas powered motor scooters and go-carts to get around. So it may be the case that I just don't have enough experience around people who actually drive automobiles.

Anyways, as we entered Michigan borders, I didn't notice anyone driving too crazy. There was a bit more road kill than I remembered seeing in Indiana, but that's about it. Then as I was glancing at a few billboards, I noticed a sign that I had never seen before. Here's what it read:

Injure/Kill worker
$7500 fine
+ 15 years

What? I asked my wife if I had read the sign right, and she confirmed it. It was written on a white background with black letters. Posted like a speed limit sign. I thought this was absurd. As if the negatives of killing someone doesn't already outweigh the positives. "Oh crap! $7500 fine! I better be extra careful not to kill someone!"

Naturally I was bothered by this and it solidified my belief that Michigan drivers are insane. Then I did a little research and found this document: International Association of Chiefs of Police: 2003 State Legislative Report. If you check out page 120 under "Traffic Saftey," it says that a woman was found not guilty because "the highway work zone safety laws did not clearly define a work zone." So now everyone can be clear about what a work zone is and what punishment awaits those who kill in a work zone. Well, I for one I feel much safer now.

It also comes as no surprise to me that the above mentioned driver was female. But that's a different story.

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