Friday, January 26, 2007

Voice of the Colts, Bob Lamey: "He Fumbled the Frickin' Football."

FYI: For those who haven't heard Bob Lamey's call on the Colts AFC Championship win, you need to make time to cacth this:

Radio replay
The local radio broadcast of the fourth quarter of the AFC title game will be replayed, commercial free, at 5 p.m. today on WFBQ-94.7 FM.

The best call of the game is definitely when Rhodes fumbles on the goal line and Jeff Saturday picks it up for a touchdown. Lamey gets all pissed and says, "He fumbled the frickin' football." Then seconds later he's screaming his head off when they get the touchdown. It's priceless. That call is early in the fourth, so be sure to tune it right at 5:00.

You've also got to hear his call at the end of the game. Even though I didn't listen to the broadcast during the game, I've heard it so much afterwards, that I will always associate those calls with that awesome Colts win.

*UPDATE: You can finally hear a few highlights from this broadcast here.


tickler said...

*Office Update #2:

This morning I was shocked and appauled to find that Wendy from the Windy C. (let's just call her Windy) had posted several posters on almost everyone's cubes that had a picture of Brian Urlacher hoisting the George S. Halas trophy amidst a shower of confetti and the words to the "Super Bowl Shuffle" printed below.

I am currently in the process of devising a counter attack to post on everyone's cube walls. For now, I'm calling it the Super Blue Shuffle. Cheesy? Probably. But at this stage in the game, I don't have much choice.

Arthur said...

Oh wow dude. That's messed up. Yesterday your dad was talking about you making the Bears doormats. I hope you come up with something. Sure sounds fun.