Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Does a Successful Peyton Manning Career Depend on a Super Bowl Ring?

The answer to that ridiculous question is an emphatic "NO, FOOL!" while using your best Mr. T voice. I'm sick and tired of everyone saying Peyton can't win the "big game," and how if he doesn't win a Super Bowl, he'll never be one of the "greats." That's just ridiculous.

First of all, every game he wins is a "big game." The Colts wouldn't even be in the playoffs if they didn't have Peyton Manning. We're going to hear it over and over again, especially if we lose this Sunday. If you know anything about football, you know that's just absurd.

As far as these playoffs are concerned, Manning has played two great games. If you watched either game, you know that he made huge plays when we really needed him to. The story is definitely the defense and how they stepped it up, but to say that Peyton sucked (or anything similar) is foolish nonsense. Those were two of the better games I've seen him play, but that's not the point of this topic.

Peyton Manning has already done more in his career than probably 95% of the quarterbacks who have Super Bowl rings. You have to understand that playing football is his job. The National Football League is a business, and from a business standpoint, he's probably one of the most successful NFL players of all time. He puts money into his owner's pocket, the league's pocket, and his own pocket. That's success. Not to mention all of his endorsements.

Going beyond dollars and cents, he has completely turned around a franchise that desperately needed to start winning in order to establish a strong fan base. He's been the face of the Colts for a long time now and is a huge reason that we're selling out tickets and there's a waiting list for season ticket holders. He's done a lot for his community and for this city. He represents his team and this city with class and respect. Who cares about a dang ring?

Having said all that, you know people will always talk numbers and rings when they talk about successful players. It's fun for us to keep track of that stuff, cause we're fans and that gives the game a lot more meaning. According to those standards, Peyton is going to have to win a Super Bowl before anyone gives him the credit he's already due. But for people who really understand what he's already done, Peyton Manning is one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

And he better freaking win a Super Bowl before he retires. Go Colts!


Jason266 said...

For me, it's the difference between individual success and team success. I think we can agree that Dan Marino was one of the top QB's of all time and had success as a quarterback. But the Dolphins weren't as successful as a whole. I don't put that on Dan. I put it on the whole team. Same with Peyton, in my mind. Of course, very soon, we won't have to ask this silly question anymore! Go Colts!

Arthur said...

I couldn't agree more.