Wednesday, January 03, 2007

TriPong: Three-Player Ping Pong

I haven't found anywhere that actually explains how the game is played, but apparently someone has finally invented a way for three people to play ping pong at the same time. He calls it TriPong.

Secil Boyd built a whole new table for three people to play. From reading the article, it sounds like there's some level of teamwork that has to happen in order to beat the other two players. I really have no idea how it works. If you find out how to play, please let me know. I think ping pong is fun enough with two or four players, but I'd love to try this game. We'll see how popular it gets.

I think it would be sweet if there is still a way to play normal ping pong as well. And if it's possible to have six players play on teams. We really need more information on this.

A link to the article is provded below.

Inventor Creates TriPong

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Steve said...

I guess this solves the problem of only have 2 other friends :) . I'd play it!

And Dirty Santa is where everybody brings a present and puts it in a pile. Then you draw numbers to see who goes first. Whoever goes first has to go to the pile and pick a random present. Then, number 2 goes and he can choose to steal that present or go to the pile. It gets crazy from there, but it's awesome. A present can only be stolen 3 times before it's dead and the person who got it in the end has to keep it. It's fun with a big family or for the workplace :)