Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Reasons Colts Should Go To Super Bowl

Sorry for all the Colts crap, but I'm getting nervous about Saturday and can't stop thinking about stuff. I'm one of those guys who still think the Colts have a chance and I think they've played a great year (considering the injuries we've had, but all teams go through that).

Disclaimer: This post is going to be boring, so unless you're like me and can't stop thinking about Saturday, you should spend your time reading something more worthwhile. I suggest this.

If you didn't know, the Colts have the highest opponents rating (.500) of all the playoff teams. If you look at the two teams seeded above the Colts (Baltimore and San Diego), you can see that the Colts had a tougher schedule. Not really, but I'm going to point some things out anyways, just to get it out of my head.

If you look at our schedule, we've already beaten four playoff teams. We also beat Cincinnati, Denver, Tennessee, and Jacksonville. If we lose those games, any one of those four teams could be in the playoffs (Jacksonville probably still wouldn't have made it because they lost head-to-head to KC). So that's essentially eight wins (half of the season) against playoff caliber teams. Two of those teams we had to play twice, and lost the second time around. The other loss was to another playoff team. The fourth loss was just gay.

Out of Baltimore's 13 wins, only three came against teams with a winning record. Out of San Diego's 14 wins, only four came against teams with a winning record. Out of Indianapolis' 12 wins, five came against teams with a winning record. This proves absolutely nothing, except that the Colts lose to teams they shouldn't (like Tennessee, Jacksonville, Houston, and Dallas).

Baltimore lost to Denver and Cincinnati, two teams that we beat. So that means we should be better than Baltimore. And since San Diego lost to Baltimore, we can obviously assume that the Colts are also better than San Diego. It's undeniable logic.

Ultimately, the Colts can beat any team in this league on any given Sunday (or Monday, or Saturday, or Thursday). Unfortunately, they can also lose to any team in this league. Let's just hope they show up to play on Saturday. One game at a time. Should be fun. I'll try not to write anything else about it till after the game.


Ange said...

I really believe that the Colts can do anything if they are at their best. However, I can only go into as... Hope for the Best.. expect the Worst. I get sick just thinking about Saturday. Last year we were screaming so loud our neighbor came down and complained! We look forward to the playoffs all year and then when they come... it is so nervewracking that I can't wait until they end.

Arthur said...

Are you guys both going to be home to watch it? Do you stay home or go to a bar or something? Wish you guys were here for it. Hope you're able to watch it.

Ange said...

Thankfully, we are always able to find a way to watch the games! If it isn't on our TV out here we go a bar with all the games but it should be on TV since it is a playoff game. You can also download the games on the internet now but sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.

Jason266 said...

Never apologize for Colts can never have too many Colts posts.