Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Honeymoon is Over?

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that a year has already come and gone. We both took the day off work and spent most of it eating.

She made a great breakfast: eggs, sausage, OJ, etc. We ate lunch at Judge's BBQ (if you live in Indy, like barbecue, and haven't been to Judge's, you're missing out). Then we gorged ourselves for dinner at Santorini's. The food was great, but we were way too stuffed to eat much of it. We'll be having leftovers tonight, I'm sure.

I've really enjoyed being married so far. I know lots of people who have said that their first year of marriage was the most difficult for them. That makes sense and seems obvious, but I haven't had that experience. We've definitely had some difficult times, but if this is the toughest year, then I can't wait to see what happens in the future. I hope it doesn't mean that the worst is yet to come.

Anyways, I'm just so thankful to have an awesome wife. We spent a few minutes yesterday writing down a few "goals" for the next year. This is something I never would have done in the past and yet another reason why I love my wife. She definitely excels in many areas where I am lacking.

One of my personal goals for the year is to try to make more of an effort to learn a bit more Spanish. She speaks it, and it seems absurd to me that I can't spend a little of my time trying to pick up on it. I'm not trying to be fluent or anything, but having a wife who speaks Spanish is something I could take advantage of. So, in an effort to keep up with this goal, we have vowed to only speak Spanish to each other while in the house together. Our first trial run will last until the Colts game this Saturday.

This morning I couldn't even talk about the crazy dreams I had, because I was having a hard enough time trying to explain that she was stealing all the covers last night. Unfortunately, I think my pantomime skills are advancing more quickly than my Spanish speaking skills. Oh well.

Anyways, I share this so you'll have some idea of how much fun I have and have had over the past year being married. It's a true blessing, I'm very thankful, and I'm excited to see what happens this next year.


Janna said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

I know what you mean about that "first year is the hardest" saying though. Luke and I kept saying to each other, "If this is as hard as it gets then I think we're doing OK".

Glad to hear others have the same experience!

(Pretend I'm holding up a glass of wine) Here's to Josh and Clara and many, many more years!

Oh yeah - thanks for the dried blueberries and wine. I was cracking up when I saw the bag of blueberries!

Ange said...

Well Crap! We kept reminding ourselves last week saying... don't forget to send them a card.... don't forget! Well we forgot! Grrrrr...

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to you both! Time flies when you are having fun....

You can expect a belated anniversary card sometime soon!

Many Years!

mikes said...

Congratulations on the anniversary. I wish you many, many more happy anniversaries!

Luke Seraphim said...

Dude and Mrs. Dude! Happy Anniversary! I totally forgot to call and wish you many years yesterday. So...God grant you both many more years!

Arthur said...

Thanks all for the well-wishes. No need to apologize for not sending cards or calling or whatever, I wouldn't do those things if I didn't have a wife, so I ain't mad atcha. Cheers to us!

Clara said...

it's funny how we don't really have conversations with each other now... Josh is always so quiet because he has a hard time speaking Spanish... but he's doing great! :) Love ya honey and thanks everyone for the congrats

Anonymous said...

Awww...¡Que Romantico!