Monday, January 22, 2007

Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears: Super Bowl XLI

I, along with the entire city of Indianapolis, am recovering from one of the greatest games in Colts history. I am drained, exhausted, losing my voice, definitely don't want to have to work at all (for at least two more weeks), but ultimately, I am just amazed and excited.

You guys all saw the game, so I don't have to write much about how sweet it was. It was an amazing comeback, Peyton did awesome, our defense stopped two huge drives at the end of the game, and now we're left to bask in the glory for two more weeks. I will say that Reche Caldwell's bug-eyes freaked me out a little bit. He looked scared or something.

I'm sure I'll spend much time in the next two weeks talking about the game and the Super Bowl and all that fun stuff. But I just want to write down, mostly so I'll remember, how fun it was to watch that game with 20 or so good friends. We were so excited at the beginning of the game, then got entirely depressed. And then that second half comeback was probably the most fun I've ever had watching football. We were so nervous and anxious. After every touchdown, we got so excited and jumped around so much, we literally almost went through the floor of the house. Then when the game was over, we ran out into the streets to celebrate with random strangers. Then the phonecalls came from friends across the country. Oh man, it was awesome.

After that, a smaller group of us went downtown to join in the excitement. If you saw a van load of crazy fans, one of us using a bullhorn out of the sunroof, that was us. Downtown was incredible. I wish I had brought a video camera. I screamed my head off for like two hours, along with thousands of other fans. It was nice to see that there was no looting, or car flipping, or bonfires, or other such nonsense. Just a city celebrating something we had waited a dang long time to experience. I'll never forget last night. The whole game and experience was simply amazing and I'm just thankful for it. Wish all of my family and friends could have been here for it. Thanks to Rab for already uploading some photos from the night. I'll post a few, but you can view his whole photo set here.

This one was early on in the game, probably either before game time, or when they were losing.

This was probably during a defensive stop early in the game.

You already know what this was. I think I had tears in my eyes.


Ange said...

Oh man... what an emotional roller coaster! I think in the past 12 hours I have only had these words to say... "I'm so happy". Every phone call... every text message... every e-mail.... At half time I just went and laid in bed... almost sick.. Andy just kept cheering for every little gain/ every little tackle... and I just had tears in my eyes. Then those tears turned to joy! Ugh, I am just so freaking happy!

Arthur said...

I wish you guys could've been here for it. It was awesome! Good thing you guys both didn't turn it off. It was definitely sickening to watch that first half. I'm trying to enjoy this before I start getting all nervous again for the Super Bowl.

Jonathan said...

I agree completely. I think that was definitely the most fun I've ever had watching a football game. Someone wrote an article on asking 'Was this the best football game ever?' After reading all of his reasons, I'd argue it was at least one of the best games ever played. An instant classic. How else could I describe those last few minutes of the game? Utter euphoria.

torporindy said...

Great photos!!