Thursday, January 18, 2007

Indianapolis is Feeling Blue

Well, I can hardly stand it any longer. Sunday just can't get here soon enough. I'm so excited and work is going so slow this week. I can't believe I have to come to work tomorrow. It should be a city-wide day off, so everyone can go downtown for the rally and all the other fun stuff. Dangit.

The whole city is abuzz and bleeding blue. (Is abuzz a word? Who cares?) We're heading to Illinois on Saturday for a hockey game and planning on showing some Colts pride over there. Hopefully we're back home in time to catch that Bears game, then we'll somehow have to calm down enough to watch the Colts.

Anyways, I hope you all have something blue to wear tomorrow and this weekend. Here's a few fun things that the city has decided to do (from

1) Images of Manning and the Colts are to be projected onto the State Museum and other buildings this weekend.

2) Blue spotlights will be placed on top of Downtown buildings to light up the sky Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

3) The Washington Street bridge in White River State Park and other downtown landmarks, monuments and buildings will be bathed in blue throughout the weekend.

4) Banners will be hung from the RCA Dome, Downtown buildings and at the airport.

5) Indianapolis Fire Department trucks will fly Colts banners and flags.

-A full list of all the fun can be found here.

I can't get enough radio talk, online talk, articles, interviews, etc. This is driving me crazy. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to just not read anything or listen to anything and just focus on my work. Yeah, right.

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Ange said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun! It is so sad being this far away from all the excitment! Although there is a girl who works with my friend out here at a clinic and she mentioned that she has been decked out in head to toe Colts gear all week long. I just thought that was so exciting... in California! Woohooo...