Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Preach it Reggie!

Reggie Miller is already saying the Colts will crush the Bears. I really hope he's right, but dangit, I hate having everyone say that. It gives the Bears that chip on their shoulder, something extra to fight for (as if a Super Bowl ring isn't enough). Since it's ol' Reggie though, I love it.

"All the pressure is on Sexy Rexy," says Reggie. He also says, "It won't even be close. They're going to destroy Chicago. Destroy Chicago. It won't even be close."

You tell 'em Reggie. But I'll be dang pissed if any Colts players try talking smack. Leave that to the fans.

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Ange said...

I can relate to that feeling of... don't say it out loud but it is exciting to hear it but it makes me nervous! Funny story, during the game on Sunday- your aunt calls after the Colts scored and 1 minute left on the clock. Anyway, she calls and leaves a message (thankfully we didn't hear it since we were screaming so loud) and says.. "Well the Colts just scored so we wanted to congratulate you on your win". Okay, this was with 1 minute left on the clock and she was saying we had won. I said to Andy... i can't beleive she left a message like that- at that point anything was possible!

Arthur said...

Good Grief! I would've freaked out. It's definitely even worse when people say that stuff during the game. It all adds to the fun, I guess. Unless they end up losing.

Did my folks tell Andy that our cousin Matt called to wish us good luck? That's so awesome. I'm loving this.

Ange said...

That is cool! It is amazing the people that come out of the woodwork. My parents who should probably be cheering for the Bears said they would cheer for the Colts because they know how much it means to us... they aren't Bears fans anyway... but they could still get into the hype since all of their friends are having a Bears party!

We are so happy that your parents will be here with us Super Bowl Sunday! Yipppeee...

Arthur said...

I'm not dangit! I gotta decide if I'm going to try to cook up a bowl of Mom's chili for the game. We're probably going to watch it at Jon/Rab/Phil's, but I may bring the chili just for tradition's sake. I'm not going to be able to eat a thing though. Fudge!

Ange said...

Your mom said that it is the first time she can remember not making Chili for the Super Bowl. Of course, she is always encouraged to make it at our place! You should make some for sure... It just wouldn't be the same.

We are trying to decide if we want to invite the whole family. It is a tough decision because we just get so emotional. It isn't just another Super Bowl! I don't want to get all crazy in front of them and I don't want to feel like I can't scream or cry or whatever.... they would think we were nuts!