Monday, January 15, 2007

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots: Be Careful What You Wish For

Well, we all got what we wanted. As soon as we knew the playoff format, we were all rooting for New England. Here they come.

First of all, that game against San Diego was freaking insane. What scares me is that New England won in the sort of way that screams "destiny." That interception/fumble was ridiculous. Then they get the two point conversion. Oh my goodness, I would be sick if I were a San Diego fan right now. They did everything they could to give the Patriots the win. Including an idiotic challenge that wasted a much needed time out.

So anyways, here we stand, waiting for Brady and his 12-1 playoff Patriots. We come face to face with the demons of our past this Sunday. Peyton comes off two of his worst games ever, only to play the team that always seems to have his number come playoff time. Now, I don't really believe in all that mess, but you're going to hear it all week. Everyone will question whether or not Peyton can finally beat Brady in the playoffs. They will question if our defense can show up for a third week straight. Don't listen to all that crap. If you are interested in the game, listen to what Dungy, Polian, Manning, Brady, and Belichick have to say. They are the ones who know football. Listening to anyone else is like eating junk food. It's fun and all, but it's just nonsense.

I also don't like that people will pick us to win now. We've lost our under the radar "underdog" status. Anyways, I'm excited and will be thinking about this all week. Feel free to join in the fun. If you live in Indy, I sure hope you don't take all this for granted. We're fortunate to be here, so soak up all the fun now. Most of us are still old enough to remember being 3-13.


Luke Seraphim said...

Indeed. Go Colts!

Anonymous said...

For once... I have nothing to say! Except, I just can't believe last nights game and I can't believe we are here.. again! Those Patriots are something else!


Ange said...

Sorry... don't mean to remain anonymous... oops

Poe said...

The Colts would have lost if our defense wasn't so good. We were so good that Lewis was tipping Manning's crappy passes away from our own team. If he were an average linebacker, we would have two more interceptions and would have easily won the game. Manning's going to choke on Sunday for sure. Good luck Colts fans.

-Ravens for life, Poe