Monday, January 29, 2007

American Soldier Cheers for the Colts!

My wife found this picture from IndyStar, with the following caption:

Christina Otsuka of Indy says this is, "Daniel Howe celebrating Colts victory over New England while recovering in Germany from IED injuries while serving in Iraq."

It's hard for me to imagine Danny Howe fighting in Iraq. I always picture him as the hyperactive little junior high boy who used to always get in fights with his brother.

On Saturday, December 30 2006, Daniel's vehicle was hit by an IED (Improvised Explosive Devise) in Iraq. He injured his legs, shoulder, neck and head. He suffered a stroke due to the head injuries. They took him to a hospital in Germany (where this picture was apparently taken) where they put him into a drug-induced coma. He's had surgery on an aneurism, skin grafts, a stint in his head, vision problems, and shrapnel in his head that damaged an area of his brain. From what I know, he's doing better now (relatively speaking) and has been moved to the US.

It's great to see Danny showing some Colts pride all the way over in Germany. I'm sure there are many soldiers who would love to be able to be back home watching the Super Bowl with family and friends. I'm truly grateful of the service they provide and need to remember how lucky I am to be here for all of this fun.

So thanks to all of our service men and women, hope you get to watch the big game. GO COLTS!!

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