Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Jury Duty: Woohoo!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I was wandering through our daily mail, hoping for a check from Ed McMahon and Publisher's Clearing House; when before my wandering eyes should appear a letter from the state government, and eight tiny words, "Sir, you have been summoned for jury service." Oh joy.

If you've never been summoned for jury duty, you're missing out on quite an experience. I had never been, and was looking forward to it about as much as I look forward to sticking my tongue in a meat-grinder. It was honestly not all boring.

First they crammed us all in an assembly room that didn't have enough chairs, so people were standing or sitting on the floor. Well, actually they did have enough chairs, it's just that the elected councilmen who use that room refuse to let those summoned for jury service to sit in their virtual Lay-Z-Boys.

Then a group of us went into the courtroom to see if we would be selected to serve as jurors. I liked listening to people give reasons why they couldn't serve. My favorite was the lady who had to take someone to chemo the next day:
Judge: "Please rise and state your name."
Lady: "Lady." (I don't remember, and wouldn't tell if I did.)
J: "And why wouldn't you be able to serve on this case."
L: "I have to take someone in for chemo tomorrow morning."
"Yes ma'am."
"And who is the person that you're taking in."
"Um, it's my dog ma'am."

I guess it was only funny to me becuase she was trying to avoid stating the fact that it was her dog going in. Anyways, it was funny at the time.

Then we got to hear the attorneys question all of the potential jurors. I never got to be questioned, which was very disappointing. I would have made a great juror. That part of the day was the least boring.

So after I sat and listened to them talk to everyone but me, they selected the twelve, and I was free to leave. I was proud to have been able to serve my country. And the best part is that I have been informed that I will receive 14 US Dollars as compensation for my services. So that after six dollars for parking, and the loss of a full day of work, I will actually be up about -$120 dollars or so.

I love jury duty.


Anonymous said...

You should check your HR policies. I believe they're required by law to compensate you for the differnece between what you normally get paid and what you were paid for jury duty.

Anonymous said...

i've been summoned twice, but never selected for a jury. and i really wanted to serve too! but in both cases, it was someone sueing somebody for something that i had experienced before. : (

blogger won't log me on.

-shark like a fox

Daniel said...

this is my all time fav bathroom quote

"Be like poppa and not like sis, raise the lid before you piss" (seen in a cheap gas station someplace in Tennessee)

Xpinionated said...

I won $100 from Publishers Clearinghouse this summer...don't know why I'm telling you that but yeah...they don't send the van and the people and the flowers and the cameras when you win $100...Kinda disappointed abou that

Arthur said...

Yeah, I think I would just want the van, cameras, and flowers. Even if they didn't bring $100 bucks.