Monday, November 29, 2004

Gobble Gobble

Mmmmmmm...Turkey. I was lucky enough to eat three turkeys in a 22 hour period this past weekend. And it was gooooooood.

First was Wednesday night with the guys. We had a deep fried turkey that Philioque brought to a crispy perfection. Then we chased it down with a little Wild Turkey, compliments of Rab. Then we topped the night off with some Island Texas Hold 'em. Rab took us for a ride. My brother was in town for the night, so that was fun to have him around.

Then Thursday afternoon was spent at the old lady's place. Oven roasted turkey compliments of Patricia. Randy had the great idea of going around the table spelling THANKSGIVING, each person saying something they are thankful for that begins with whatever letter we were on. I thought I was in 3rd grade again when I did that with Christmas cards and such. Jon got the "A" and was thankful for "apples and alcohol," but changed his answer when his wife Allison, while holding baby Annika, gave him a look and said, "No. Now tell us what you really mean." I was thankful for Saturdays, Sundays, and Super Salads. Then we watched the Colts win again.

Then the main event was Thursday around six. Family and friends over at the folks. Slowly smoked turkey compliments of Pops. Lots of laughs, good times. Walkers showed up for dessert and we laughed about old times. Broke out ol' Tilton for a traditional spiritual kick. Then watched the Pacers win again.

It was a great weekend and I have much to be thankful for.

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