Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Annoying Blogs: Finally, the Positive side of them

Okay, there are lots of blogs out there that are annoying, and that's understandable. I know not everyone has the same tastes as me, and if the annoying ones weren't out there, I would have nothing to post about today. So there's one good thing.

Also I realize that blogs should be primarily for the benefit of the person writing them, not for the reader. So if you find my blog annoying, I didn't write the stupid thing for you to read. That's another good thing.

Then as I was surfing through some blogs, I got so frustrated at one because it was annoying and a waste of my time, I closed the browser window and stopped surfing. Then I realized what a waste of time it is, even if I find a good blog. So I stopped wasting time reading about things that I don't care about. That's another good thing.

Then I got so bored at work again that I found myself back on the net browsing through boring blogs to pass the time. What would I do at work without them? And that's another good thing.

Steve wrote a post that describes most of the blogging things that annoy me. But the one that inspired this post came from someone who had these on their site:

Adopt your own useless blob!

That's right, you can adopt a "Useless Blob". What? Okay, that was enough for me. Although I guess they are a little fun. Kinda. I guess you could get used to them. I'm kind of attached to the Canadian one. He's a bit slower than the others. Hmm... And the site that these are found on is pretty entertaining. Spacefem.com. Especially the Stick Man Deaths. Check it out.

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