Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Snowfall and Candles

We had our first real snowfall this morning.

It made everything quiet and peaceful, and I was reminded of how much I really like having everything covered in white.

Until I got on the road. Then the snow turned to a black mush, and vehicles into weapons of mass destruction. I saw some guy spin out and run into the median on Morris St., like two seconds from my house. Happy Holidays. Then the interstate was a mess. Oh well.

I wish I lived somewhere quiet during this time of year. A place where snow stayed snowy and white instead of mushy and black. And where you didn't have to drive in it. That would be great.

On a different note, I was doing a review of the blog Watermark, when I saw that there is a site that has candles for people to light. At first I was like, "Oh boy, now we have e-religion where you can worship online." I'm sure it's not that far off, but I don't think that's what this site is about. It stays pretty general as far as religious persuasion, and asks people to express their "gratefulness."

I guess there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, candles in themselves are used as reminders, and the only reason we use them is because that's what people had back in the day. So why not use modern technology as a reminder for us to pray, or to remember a loved one? Right? I'm still not sure. It's interesting to see which languages have more people lighting candles. Check it out here.

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