Monday, December 20, 2004

Colts, Christmas Shopping, and Confusion

It was a good weekend. Friday was the last guys night of the year. We had Stroh's and checked out the new book for next year, then played some poker into the wee hours of the morn. Adam K. was in town, so that was fun.

Saturday I did some Christmas shopping, which I hate. I can't stand all the people. It was pretty funny though; two different times I had someone start talking to me thinking I was someone else. First, I was on the escalator and a wife got separated from her husband, but didn't know it. She started talking to me with her body half turned, then asked a question right to my face. She felt embarrassed and turned back around laughing. I wasn't sure how to act in that situation. There's nothing you can do to make it less awkward. I tried coughing out loud before she turned, so she would know I wasn't her husband. It didn't work.

Then the other time was in line at Sam Goody's. Some lady started talking to me with her back turned, thinking I was her son. This time I was just laughing, because I couldn't believe it was happening again. So by the time she turned around, I was already laughing in her face. Oh well. I'm becoming a pro at this. I've decided it's best just to laugh out loud at them. Because it is funny, and you shouldn't be ashamed to laugh at funny things, and then they can laugh too. Hopefully I don't laugh at the wrong guy some day.

And it's odd that it was two women who did it. This is because women are so focused on shopping, they can't handle anything else. You won't find a guy talking to the wrong person in a mall. In a strip club maybe, but not a mall. When I go shopping with my girlfriend, she talks to me all the time while looking at everything around her. I could seriously just put a mannequin in my place and she'd keep talking.

I guess I do the same thing for Colts and Pacer games though.

The Colts game was a lot of fun too. We all met up at the bachelor pad to watch the game. Ange was in town for the holidays, so it was good to see her too. Peyton didn't break the record, but they played an awesome game.

Anyways, that was the weekend.

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