Friday, May 18, 2007

Why Do You Blog?

It's often hard to come up with new and interesting things to blog about. It's easy enough to go through the headlines and try to find something interesting, or to write about what you did over the weekend, or if the Colts are on their way to winning a Super Bowl; but if you're blogging daily, it's easy to run out of steam. This is when a blogger typically starts asking, "Why am I blogging anyways?"

This is especially true if your blog isn't making any money and has seemingly no readers. I'm lucky enough to have a few friends that I know, outside of the internet, who check up with this blog regularly enough to inspire me to keep writing. I also get about 30 or so random visits per day, but I know they got here by chance and are not here to stay. My posts aren't specific enough to any one topic to keep a steady readership.

So I got to thinking about why I'm blogging, which led me to think about why I started in the first place. Then I remembered that I had a worthless job that allowed for about six hours of free time on the internet. That was two and a half years ago. Now I feel rushed when I blog, trying to do it over a lunch break and save the posts for later.

Over two and a half years, I think I'm still blogging for the same reasons I started. Ironically enough, I just looked back and saw that my first post is about why I'm blogging (Read it here). Unfortunately, I don't have the time to write posts the way I had originally intended to. For now, I'll just keep blogging away.

Here are a few good examples of what I originally wanted to blog about and how I wanted to do it. Here are the first three posts I did; a few "must read" classics:

And Thirty-Four Cent
When in Rome
His Ride's Better Than Ya'lls

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mike said...

I started because I'd taken a course in web design and rented some web space.

I started holding forth on things that bothered me and here I am, five years later.

Sure, it's pointless, but I've met some interesting people along the way.