Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Indianapolis to Host Super Bowl 2011!

That's what we're hoping to be able to say by the end of the day today. Right now, league owners are meeting in Nashville and will decide which city gets to host the 2011 Super Bowl.

The cities competing are Indianapolis, Phoenix and Dallas. Each city gets a fifteen minute presentation, then the owners will meet and come up with a decision. The presentations are given by certain leaders within the community. Our fate lies in the hands of Tony Dungy, Tony George (CEO of Indianapolis Motor Speedway), Tom Jernstedt (executive VP of NCAA), Fred Glass (head of Capitol Improvement Board), and Jeff Smulyan (CEO of Emmis Communications).

They are up against the likes of Roger Staubach (Hall of Fame QB with the Cowboys, representing Dallas) and the Geico Gecko (representing Phoenix). Dallas is presenting first, followed by Phoenix, and Indy gets to close.

Here is my guess of how each presentation will go:

Staubach: "Dallas has a long line of beautiful quarterbacks. From, well, myself (toothy grin...wink...pause for laughter) to Troy Aikman (cough), to Tony Romo; Dallas quarterbacks have become known for their grace and effeminate beauty. As a matter of fact, few people realize that the squad of Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders is made up entirely of former Dallas quarterbacks. The Super Bowl is a beautiful thing. So is everything that lives in Dallas. Especially the quarterbacks. Gentlemen, I rest my case.

Gecko: "Phoenix is damn hot! Only a gecko would want to live there. I have no idea why you would want to host a Super Bowl here, but I did save money by switching to Geico."

Dungy: "Hi, I'm Tony Dungy. My extreme humility prevents me from saying anything overly positive about my city. All I ask is that nobody mention how it was impossible to walk around downtown Indy prior to the AFC Championship Game, due to the city's inability to plow snow. I also want to take this opportunity to thank God for everything in the world. Thank you."

According to these presentations, I don't see how we won't host the 2011 Super Bowl. GO COLTS!

*UPDATE* We lost! Gosh darnit! That would've been awesome. Oh well. I'm sure everyone outside of Indy is happy they won't have to bring a coat to the Super Bowl. I'll be extra ticked in '11 if the Colts make it to the Super Bowl though.


Anonymous said...

That is just too funny! You forgot to mention that Indy is the only place people might have a chance to build snowmen while watching a Super Bowl :)

The Duke of Dallas said...

Indy sucks. GO D-A-L-L-A-S!!!!!

Arthur said...

I would be upset, but how can I get mad at someone who goes by "The Duke of Dallas?" I wish I was a Duke.

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