Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Congratulations to Joel and Tessi!

(Photo from Rab's flickr page)

Congratulations to Joel and Tessi , who were married in San Antonio over the weekend.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the wedding and I also lost five bucks, because I thought for sure Joel would be the last of his nine or so brothers to get married. Oh well.

I wanted to wait until people who actually went to the wedding wrote about it, and Rab did a post today. There's also a brief Congrats to them on the BBS site. Unfortunately, nobody has really written anything about all the details and I haven't seen pictures of the actual wedding yet. Hopefully when Joel gets back from the Honeymoon, he'll post all of that.

From what I've heard, everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. This includes:

1) A car accident with the bride, groom and best man.
2) Reception music not being played.
3) Phil dancing.
4) The mother of the groom getting plastered and cussing out the bride for "taking my baby from me."

One of those four things didn't happen. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one.


Joeliver said...

LOL! I like my mom's red lipstick.

Haha.. first the blogosphere, now photo editing! Is there anything you can't do Art?

Arthur said...

Yeah, I know. Mad skillz, huh? I wish I knew how to do photo editing.