Friday, May 11, 2007

Pop! Goes My Heart

Last night the wife and I had a couple friends over for dinner and a movie. We watched Music and Lyrics (Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant), which isn't a great movie, but it did have quite the gem in it.

They do a mock 80's pop video that is awesome. I seriously like the song and have been singing it all morning. And the video is classic 80's pop. It's like Prince mixed with Whitesnake. Here's the video of "Pop Goes My Heart." Be sure to watch for the classy dance moves and the awesome plot line.

My favorite part? Either the friend's face when he sees that his buddy is dead, or the stop-motion camera work when the guy's heart "pops."


jonathan said...

YES! I've been singing it all morning as well. I think my favorite part is when they're all in the ER and he wakes up from the table, sees the nurse ("you're gold and silver") and gets up and starts dancing again. Or when the rest of the band comes in with drum sticks and IVs. Everybody's happy! Go 80's!

Arthur said...

Man, I wonder how long it would take us to come up with our own 80's pop song and make a cheesy video for it. We could make it a men's group project.

jonathan said...

Actually I don't think it would be that difficult...given the amount of creative talent (music, writing, humor, etc.) we could put together in the men's group. Not to mention the amount of people who would go out of their way just to do something stupid and inane (now I'm just speaking about myself...)

Arthur said...

Man, I'd totally be up for doing that. It's just a matter of setting it up and actually doing it. But that would be sweet to have an 80's video up on youtube. We've also got the technological talent.

Count me in, if we ever get around to it.

Brian said...

There's always that guy on the keyboard and that other guy fluttering his fingers around him from behind in 80s vids. They nailed it! If the men's group did one, here's who would be who:

Main singer: Tim
Keyboardist: The Tickler
Drummer: Big Biscuit
Guitarist: Luke
Nurse: Phil

Arthur said...

Rab would play bass. He and Biscuit would have matching long blonde hair.

Tickler said...

Wow. I'm totally there. I'm serious. I think we should do this.

Arthur said...

Man, I was watching the video again and they totally do a variation of the Carlton during the chorus (52 second mark). That's awesome!

Phil said...! All that I could think about was WHAM. That is one of the best 80s videos ever! I would totally do a video. Heck, I would still love to do the Stroh's video that we've been talking about. Now, we can put it to cheesy 80s music. already was?