Monday, October 18, 2004

"His Ride's Better than Ya'lls"


Amazing. Wheelchairs for dogs. I remember a dog with three legs that lived at Pine Creek. We named him "Tripod." I'll bet he would appreciate a Doggy Wheelchair.*

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and I was driving downtown to get a passport photo taken for my upcoming trip overseas. A good friend and I were cruising through the streets with the windows down to feel a warm summer breeze. We arrived at a stoplight, and noticed a man in a wheelchair.

This guy had one of those motorized wheelchairs, and he must have somehow hooked up some type of flux capacitor, because he was flying across the intersection. He also had a kind of cargo basket on the back of the chair, which seemed to hold all of his earthly possessions. This basket made him a little back-heavy, and would soon cause problems when he reached the "on-ramp."

Well, my friend and I were speechless as we gazed in awe at the "handicapped" speedster. Our heads followed his travel across the windshield like a couple of fans at a ping-pong match. When he got to the other side of the road, he quickly wheeled around, facing his back to the sidewalk, then reversed up the ramp (so that he would not tip over), spun quickly back around, and was rapidly on his way to Sam Goody's... KIDDING!!!

As my friend and I were watching him, a local pedestrian had been watching us. He glanced at the man in the wheelchair, and then looked back at us. After a short analysis of the situation, he was insightful enough to inform us that: "His ride's better than ya'lls!"

After witnessing the wheelchair's display of speed, style, maneuverability, and class, I could not help but agree.

*For more dogs-in-wheelchairs, check out: Eddie's Wheels

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Joshua said...

Hey art,
nice blog.
I forgot about Tripod.
Have you seen the sequel to Babe? Babe 2 – Pig in the City? There’s this wonderful scene where a dog in a wheelchair contraption has a near death experience and is running around in heaven, but then, he comes back to wheelchair bound earth so that he can help Babe. I didn’t cry… but I came close.

Man, I feel self conscious about my English skills – typing on an English major’s blog.