Friday, February 02, 2007

The Ry-Dog Speaks

This is the first in a series of posts to remind me how hyped up all my friends are for this weekend. Any emails I get of friends who are just freaking HYYYYYYYYYYYPPPPPEEEDDD, I'll put them in here to remember for years to come. So, Ry-Dog gets first honors:

"Subject: I think I just wet my pants!!! Go Colts!!!

Calling all my Hommie Colts Fans,

The Ry-Dog has a few words to speak!! (It's hot in my office, JJJJJJJJ, AIR OOOOOOONN!!) This is the Friday before one of, what am I thinking, the biggest weekend in Colt's Fan History!!! Those who have followed the Colt's through good times and bad could only dream of the Colt's and Super Bowl being used in the same sentence. Those who are Band Wagon Fans, we invite you too!! I hope all of you take in all the HYPE, all the EXCITEMENT, all the LOVE and most of all, all the times Freeney puts Grossman on his back!!! GET HHHHYYYPPPEEDDD!! This means so much to all of us and what a feeling it will be as we witness our Colt's running on to the field on Sunday. This is it fellas, let the PARTY BEGIN!!!! And all of God's people say........???????? GO COLT'S!!!!!!! The Dog has spoken and now, WHAT MOM!!!, WHAT IS IT!!!!!
Love you all!! Be safe!!!"


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